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Nubiles.net- Now Watching - Bikini Babes - S10:E4


Nubiles.net- Now Watching - Bikini Babes - S10:E4-Nubiles.net

Nubiles.net- Now Watching - Bikini Babes - S10:E4

Beach babes Kali Renee and Melissa Young are decked out in bikinis and horny as hell. These two hotties are ready to fuck as they make out in the hallway of their small yacht. Soon their bras are on the ground as Marissa licks and sucks at Kali_s breasts and then throws her head back in excitement as Kali returns the favor. When their bottoms hit the ground next, nothing will stop these two from making each other_s days.
Kali soon finds herself in a chair with Marissa hovering over her. After a brief sampler of Kali_s musky juices, Marissa allows herself to be repositioned on the floor. That allows Kali to do some pussy massaging of her own before the girls arrange themselves in a lusty 69. When they whip out a double-sided dildo, they are both nice and wet and ready to rumble with their toy.
Working in tandem, the girls first arrange themselves so that they are each penetrated by the dildo while scissoring with one another. That position is perfect for getting them each off, although Kali soon finds herself with Marissa once again feasting on her greedy puss. Happy to return the favor, Kali presses Marissa back and listens happily to Marissa_s long sighs of ecstasy as she works magic with her talented tongue.
Kali Renee, Marissa Young
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