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Nubiles.net--Photo- Lesbian Girl Play - S17:E6


Nubiles.net--Photo- Lesbian Girl Play - S17:E6-Nubiles.net--Photo

Nubiles.net--Photo- Lesbian Girl Play - S17:E6


Jemma and Jia Lissa are each hot as hell and totally into one another. These two young babes start their lovemaking on the bed with Jia leaning back into Jemma_s embrace as Jemma caresses Jia_s breasts until her nipples are hard little peaks. The redhead waits until she has been stripped to the waist to turn around and return the favor, relieving Jemma of her shirt. Pushing Jemma back, Jia settles between her thighs and pulls her g-string aside to reveal a pretty little pussy whose juices are too tempting for Jia not to sample.
Jia is a delight with her mouth, licking and suckling Jemma_s clit until the brunette is moaning with the force of her climax. Jemma wants a taste in return, so the girls swap places with Jia. The redhead spreads her slim legs to show without a doubt that the curtains match the drapes, a sight that invites Jemma in for a lick. Liking what she finds, Jemma plays her tongue over her girlfriend_s love button until Jia has enjoyed an orgasm just as explosive as Jemma_s was.
Laying side by side on the bed, the girls prepare for another round of mutual ecstasy by each slipping a hand between the other_s thighs. They rub each other_s pussies with the intimacy of many previous encounters, each applying just the right amount of pleasure. Once they have dedicated themselves to the cause, neither girl will quit until the other has sighed as another big O ripples through her body.

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