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Nubiles.net--Photo- Young Love - S17:E5


Nubiles.net--Photo- Young Love - S17:E5-Nubiles.net--Photo

Nubiles.net--Photo- Young Love - S17:E5


Slim and gorgeous Nancy A. slips into a bath that leaves her horny and needing the release that only her husband_s dick can bring. She tries masturbating in the tub, but when she spies Martin waiting in bed she climbs out of the tub and towels off. Walking across the room towards him like a blonde beautiful dream, Nancy climbs into bed and pulls out his dick to start sucking until he is just as horny as she is!
Swinging one leg over Martin_s lap, Nancy climbs on top and slides down until she_s fully impaled. She starts riding him cowgirl style before turning around. Their hips move with a deep familiarity for what the other one likes, a well-oiled machine that knows just what to do to elicit the ultimate pleasure in each of them. When Nancy slides off of Martin_s dick and spoons in front of him, he holds her leg high while continuing his slow and steady conquest of her desire.
On her hands and knees, Nancy gasps and moans to guide Martin until he_s hitting just the right spot with every thrust. The force of the climax that rocks her leaves her shaking and spent, but not so sated that she_ll neglect her husband_s pleasure. Turning around, she resumes stroking Martin_s shaft while using her lips and neck to bring him off until he gives her a facial that leaves her cum covered and smiling.
Nancy A

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