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Nubilefilms.com- Kiss And Tell - S31:E6-Nubilefilms.com

Nubilefilms.com- Kiss And Tell - S31:E6

Wearing a body-hugging bra and panties, Lovita Fate waits happily in bed until her girlfriend Dido Angel arrives home. Dido is all smiles as she gets an eyeful of Lovita_s lush body. Walking straight to the bed, she hikes up her short skirt to reveal her thong and then peels Lovita_s bra off between kisses to her puffy nipples.
Dido_s dress is the next article of clothing to go so Lovita can do some oral work of her own. Her mouth is soft and sweet on Dido_s breasts, stoking Dido_s passion even higher. Dido can_t wait another moment to indulge herself in Lovita_s musk, so she gently disengages from her lover_s mouth and presses Lovita back onto the bed. Pulling the blonde_s panties aside, Dido dips her head for a pussy feast with the added bonus of her magic fingers.
Once Dido has put in her time and effort to bring her lover off, Lovita is determined to do the same in return. She keeps Dido down on her hands and knees with the pressure of a single hand, then slides Dido_s underwear down to trap her legs. Then she flicks her tongue out and starts stroking and probing, filling Dido_s fuck hole with both that and her fingers.
When Lovita lays down and pull Dido on top of her, the tanned coed eagerly rides her girlfriend_s face. Eventually she swaps places with Lovita so she can enjoy a face ride as well. Spinning around once she_s on top, Lovita leans forward to complete a lusty 69 that lets both girls indulge themselves completely.
Using their hands and mouths, they keep it up until Lovita, sated, hops off and continues working Dido_s snatch and clit until Dido has joined her in pleasure town. Finally satisfied, the girls cuddle together while basking in the aftermath of their lovemaking.
Dido Angel, Lovita Fate
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