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Nubilefilms.com- Effortlessly Sexy - S30:E29


Nubilefilms.com- Effortlessly Sexy - S30:E29-Nubilefilms.com

Nubilefilms.com- Effortlessly Sexy - S30:E29

Ms Faris is trying to read, but her boyfriend Jake Adams has something a little more hands on in mind. He caresses his hands up and down Ms Faris_s thighs, dropping kisses on her knees as he works her legs apart. When Jake_s hand goes to Ms Faris_s twat to push her thong aside and feel up her wet pussy, she can_t feign indifference any longer. Moments later, she has pushed down her bra and let Jake peel off her panties so she is down to just her glasses and a fuck me smile.
Satisfied that he has Ms Faris_s attention, Jake returns to his position between her thighs. He dips his head to lap at her sweet cream, then stiffens his tongue so it can probe every inch of her tender folds. That attention only primes Ms Faris to enjoy some oral sex of her own. Sliding her glasses up her nose, she gets on her knees and takes Jake_s hardon in hand. Stroking him to enjoy the velvet steel of his erection, she opens her mouth wide to start sucking.
That_s all the foreplay either of them needs before Ms Faris climbs onto the couch and puts one leg up while she holds herself steady. That position opens her right up for Jake to shove his dick all the way inside. He grabs hold of Ms Faris_s ponytail as he rides her from behind. Then he pulls her up so he can fondle her tits and pierced nipples as he continues his domination of her greedy snatch.
Rolling onto her back, Ms Faris lets her head fall back in pure bliss as Jake reenters her. His domination of her body and her pleasure is complete as she comes apart in his arms. When Jake is satisfied that he has given his girlfriend all the loving she can handle, he backs off and lets her give him a handy until he nuts in her mouth for a perfect finish for both of them.
Jake Adams, Ms Faris
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