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Nubilefilms.com- Take Two - S30:E24


Nubilefilms.com- Take Two - S30:E24-Nubilefilms.com

Nubilefilms.com- Take Two - S30:E24

Alex Legend is a lucky man when he has Kiara Cole and Alina Lopez to love. The two girls sit with Alex outdoors as they flirt with both him and each other. When Alina accidentally spills coffee on Alex_s shirt, the girls share a kiss and a grope. They_re missing the third, though, so they relocate inside where they find Alex getting himself a fresh cup of coffee.
Strutting into the kitchen with her hand in Kiara_s, Alina lets go so she can give Alex another deep smooch. She beckons Kiara in close, then indulges in a three-way kiss with both of her loves. Soon, Kiara and Alina have both sunk to their knees so they can pull Alex_s big dick out of his jeans and take turns sucking him off. Their double blowjob is a pure pleasure for both girls, but they also each want something a little bit more hardcore.
Alex is happy to oblige once Kiara and Alina have given him one hell of a show with their strip tease in the kitchen. He watches them peel off each other_s clothes in between seductive touches, then helps them each hop onto the counter. When the girls are seated side by side, Alex samples the delectable juices weeping from each of their creamy pussies. Then he urges the girls to their feet so he can sinks balls deep into first Alina and then Kiara in an over-the-counter fuck.
The trio moves their horny party into the living room, where Alina finds herself laying on the couch with Alex_s thick hardon filling her from below and Kiara_s slippery snatch riding her face. Leaning forward, Kiara shares a kiss with Alex as she moans in delight at the magic Alina is making with her mouth. Then she leans forward to suck Alex_s fuck stick when he pulls out of Alina_s tight fuck hole.
Changing things up, Kiara takes her place in the middle as Alex continues to play stud, this time thrusting in and out of the spinner_s snatch. Alina climbs on top of Kiara to sit on her face backwards. Kiara knows just what to do with her mouth, swirling her tongue around Alina_s clit as she squirms in delight at the magic Alex is making with his dick.
Alina gets another go with Alex_s fuck stick when she slides down onto his hardon for a cowgirl ride. Meanwhile, Kiara goes back to work with her mouth and hands to double down on the pleasure both of her lovers feel. When Alina is done, Kiara takes her turn riding Alex_s stiffie until she, too, is replete with her pleasure.
As the girls each come down from their orgasmic haze, they each take a place by Alex_s side. Working together, they stroke his erection until he can_t hold back his cum shot another moment. Alina leans in to catch Alex_s jizz with her mouth, enjoying the treat as she snowballs it with Kiara while Alex watches.
Alex Legend, Alina Lopez, Kiara Cole
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