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Nubilefilms.com- I Prefer Girls - S30:E21


Nubilefilms.com- I Prefer Girls - S30:E21-Nubilefilms.com

Nubilefilms.com- I Prefer Girls - S30:E21

Jia Lissa climbs into the bathtub and offers seductive smiles at Merry Pie as she waits for the warm water to fill it up. Merry is happy to take up that invitation. Within moments, she has joined Jia, who crouches low so she can sample the slippery delight Merry_s wet breasts.
Turning around, Jia throws her head back and moans low and long as Merry kisses the tender juncture of her neck and shoulders. Urging Jia to the other side of the tub, Merry climbs into her girlfriend_s lap. Their lips are like heat seeking missiles as they come together in a passionate, wet embrace that lets their hands roam all over one another_s slippery bodies.
As they cuddle close together in the tub, their hips are in constant motion. The clit-stimulating friction leaves both girls primed to explode, but Merry is the lucky first winner. Hopping onto the side of the time so that Jia can float between her thighs, she lets her knees fall apart and goes to work caressing her own tits as Jia feasts voraciously on her fuck hole.
Merry_s moans gradually die down as the girls change places. They make sure to exchange plenty of kisses along the way, leaving Jia like a rocket ready to explode. Burying her face in Jia_s twat so that her nose is tickled by Jia_s red nether carpet, Merry laps at her lover_s tender clit. She is relentless, working slowly and steadily until Jia_s hips are quivering with orgasmic delight. As the girls come down from their mutual pleasure, they once again return to the tub to enjoy the embrace of the bath.
Jia Lissa, Merry Pie
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