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Nubilefilms.com- Pure Bliss - S30:E16


Nubilefilms.com- Pure Bliss - S30:E16-Nubilefilms.com

Nubilefilms.com- Pure Bliss - S30:E16

Maya Kendrick is enjoying some chill time on her phone, but her girlfriend Alina Lopez is feeling horny. Alina sneaks up on Maya, surprising the redhead with her hands on her lover_s shoulders. Maya pulls Alina onto the couch, where the girls wrestle around a bit before the serious sensuality of their love overcomes them. Soon, Maya has pressed her lips to Alina_s in a hot promise that guarantees lesbian pleasure.
Pulling down the top of Alina_s shirt, Maya enjoys the view of two perfect little breasts with hard nipples. She leans forward to slide her tongue over Alina_s nips until they harden. Then she works her way further down until she reaches the top of Alina_s thong.
Knowing that the heart of Alina_s pleasure is just inches away, Maya rears back on her knees to remove her girlfriend_s underwear. Then she resumes her previous position, burying her nose in Alina_s trimmed muff and her tongue in Alina_s slit. This redhead is amazing with her mouth, and she is always happy to give Alina the full brunt of her talents. Soon Alina is moaning in delight as Maya works her into an orgasmic frenzy.
Alina_s body is still throbbing when she gets to her knees and pushes Maya backwards onto the couch sans her shirt. Her tongue is like a magnet drawn to the lodestone of Maya_s tiny little nipples. Although Alina could content herself forever with the delight of Maya_s breasts, there_s something much more enticing waiting for her if she just scoots a little lower on her love_s body.
When Alina finally touches her lips to Maya_s clit, the redhead can_t help the moan of true bliss that escapes her mouth. Alina is slow and thorough in her ministrations, making sure to pay plenty of attention to Maya_s clit. When she slides fingers into Maya_s greedy pussy, the redhead can_t stop her body from exploding with delight.
These two hotties aren_t satisfied with just one climax apiece. As soon as Maya_s pussy starts to pulse, Alina climbs onto her girlfriend_s face. Her hips thrust in a sensual rhythm as she rides Maya_s mouth until the pressure from the redhead_s lips is in just the right spot. It_s not long before Maya has once again brought Alina off, although by that time Alina has already leaned forward into a 69 to start working Maya_s passion back to a fever pitch.
Swapping spots with Alina, Maya positions her twat so that she is hovering over her girlfriend_s mouth. When Alina hooks her arms around Maya_s thighs to hold her in place, Maya knows she_s trapped in a sexy grip until she cums. She gives Alina the pleasure swiftly, leaving Alina satisfied beneath her with a mouth full of sweet pussy juices.
Alina Lopez, Maya Kendrick
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