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Fakehub.com- Sexy petite blonde seduced by beautiful agent


Fakehub.com- Sexy petite blonde seduced by beautiful agent-Fakehub.com

Fakehub.com- Sexy petite blonde seduced by beautiful agent

Vanessa (34 mins). This blonde bombshell had it all. She was tiny, lithe and sexy with a figure to die for and a smile that lit up the room. As soon as she entered the room I was determined she wouldn_t leave until I_d explored her pussy with my tongue. She was after modelling work and I soon had her in her underwear as I drank in her figure with my eyes. I asked to see her breasts and as she undid her bra to reveal her gorgeous pert tits, I felt my own panties dampen with excitement. I moved closer to her and began to squeeze her breasts, she seemed slightly taken aback until I explained that if she wanted work then she would have to please me. Luckily for me she was a mischievous minx who had a horny glint in her eye and we were soon both locked in an embrace on the couch. I kissed my way down to her delicious tasting pussy and I drank deep from her juices as her excitement levels went through the roof. She asked me to go slow at first but soon encouraged me to go faster as her orgasm began to build. She had a beautiful orgasm right on the end of my tongue, her whole body exploding with pleasure as I gazed up at her from between her legs. Now it ms my turn and for her first time lesbian experience she did not disappoint. Artfully using her tongue and her fingers she brought me to my own earth shattering orgasm. There_s no better way to start the day then with some blonde on blonde lesbian action, and I_d just had the best casting yet.

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