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Fakehub.com- Second casting sees petite babe do anal


Fakehub.com- Second casting sees petite babe do anal-Fakehub.com

Fakehub.com- Second casting sees petite babe do anal

This fit petite chick came to see me today and as I started explaining what the cameras were all about she said she already knew... Then the penny dropped, I_d interviewed her ages ago. Oops. This caught me off guard, but luckily she said she thought she knew why I hadn_t called her... No anal on the first casting, but she was willing to give anal a go if it meant getting lots of work. Bingo, I was in like flynn. Of course I agreed with that, of course I was going to get her some work... Maybe? Maybe not? I_d go for the latter. Anyway, like I said, this chick was petite, with an outstanding firm body leading up to an amazing pair of breasts. After a bit of foreplay and getting her and my fingers stuck in her arse to get it warmed up for the main event, I gave her pussy a good fucking. Then I got the general stuck into brown town. It_s a dirty business, but someone has to do it, and I was the man for the job. Needless to say after much arse pounding action, I couldn_t hold off the white brigade any longer, and blew all my cum straight up her arse. Like a pack of cold war spies they went deep undercover, never to be seen again... In other words her cute little arsehole swallowed the lot. Job done. Enjoy.
John Petty
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