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Clubseventeen.com- A sexy lunch break for Lisa


Clubseventeen.com- A sexy lunch break for Lisa-Clubseventeen.com

Clubseventeen.com- A sexy lunch break for Lisa

Lisa is hanging out with a bunch of friends at a fast food restaurant. Thats where she starts flirting with this guy. Theyve been friends for quite some time. Never before have they ever fooled around. They go back to her place and thats when the sparks fly. Lisa has the apartment all to herself. That means she doesnt have to worry about anyone walking in on her when theyre in the bedroom. This blonde teen beauty gives the most delicate blowjob ever. She focuses on his head and this guy just cant get enough of it. He can smell her excited teen pussy and thats when things get kicked into overdrive. She hops up on his cock and he even drills it into her later on. Teens are the only people who can have this kind of wild spontaneous sex. They both know the fun is all over when he sprays a load of cum on her thigh.
Lisa H
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