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Clubseventeen.com- Ellie just loves her pets


Clubseventeen.com- Ellie just loves her pets-Clubseventeen.com

Clubseventeen.com- Ellie just loves her pets

Ellie is an animal lover with a super tight pussy. Her cat is healthy and its all because of this caring guy. He was able to nurse it back to health. Now theres just on thing that Ellie has to do. Money cant pay a bill like this. The only thing has that can settle the debt is her pussy. A price shes more than willing to pay for her cat. Theres a little oral fun, but the star of the evening is her pussy. It gets fucked in so many different ways. The guy is clearly enjoying each and every position they fuck in. The huge load of semen sprayed all over this animal loving teen who shows her gratitude. This is one teen wholl do just about anything to keep her kitty healthy and happy.
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