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Clubseventeen.com- Maggie does a cleaning job


Clubseventeen.com- Maggie does a cleaning job-Clubseventeen.com

Clubseventeen.com- Maggie does a cleaning job

Maggies neighbor offered her a few bucks to clean their home. It doesnt look like this horny teen is going to get much cleaning done. Theres just one problem and its a big one. Shes been horny all day long. Maggie shouldve taken care of the problem first thing in the morning. Now, theres no choice but to play with herself. Just imagine what the owner of the house wouldve thought if they caught her doing this. This is one cleaning lady who gets dirty. The kind of dirty that can almost melt the windows shes trying to clean. Soon, this girl will be doing so much more than just fingering herself. Shell soon be entwined in the pulsating pleasure of an orgasm. The likes of which sap all the energy out of this teen scrubber.
Maggie B
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