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Clubdom.com- Balls are for busting

Nadia is in a particularly cruel mood today. She has just finished caning her slut savagely. Now she has him flipped him over on his back and strapped him down tight with his legs bound apart. She is going to bust his balls like he could never imagine. She starts with full force punches to the slut_s helpless balls. Then she stands up and begins using her beautiful long legs to kick he slut in his nuts repeatedly. She allows no recovery time - only more dead on blows. Nadia sits on the slut and stomps his balls with full force. She is having so much fun she cannot stop herself. The slut begins trembling and begs her to stop. Nadia smiles and BAM! kicks the slut in his aching nuts again. Tell you what, Nadia says, If I can make you cum, the ball busting will continue. If I stroke your cock and you do not cum, the ball busting will be over. The slave is relieved. He can_t even think of cumming with the brutal nut busting he just took. The slut seriously under estimated Nadia_s soft hands. She chokes the cum right our of the slut and drains his balls. The slave begins to cry out, No! No! But it is too late. Nadia grabs up his balls and punches them over and over. Then she stands up and peers down at the terrified slut. Nadia laughs and BAM! She kicks him over and over in his empty andg aching ball sac.
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