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Clubdom.com- Defeat of the balls

Tatiana and Brook feel that their new ball slave is overly confident. They decide to break his nuts and leave him crying. Boom! The ladies start in with full force, repeated blows to the slut_s balls. As the slut withers and moans, Tatiana drags him to his feet so that Brook can kick him even harder. There are no breaks for this slut. The ladies deliver kick after ruthless kick with their high heel boots. The smile and laugh as the slut begins to crumble back to his feet. This slut_s balls are being busted like he never imagined. Tatiana and Brook are having the time of their life. They give each other high five and drop the slut time and time again. Finally the slut can no longer stand. He is crumbled up in fetal position of the floor. The ladies smile. They have defeated his balls.
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