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Adulttime.com- Lina_s Birthday

It_s lovely little Lina_s birthday and her sweet lesbian girlfriend bought her some new lingerie to celebrate, well... to be honest, she bought it for both of them to enjoy. After Lina unwraps her present and wraps herself in her new bran and panties, her girlfriend Nicolle simply can_t keep her hands, or mouth, off of her. Running her hands over her body and kissing down Lina_s smooth, flat stomach, Nicolle admires just how beautiful and mesmerizing her young lesbian lover really is. Not one to be selfish on her birthday, Lina pulls Nicolle into the bedroom, the two teen beauties spend some time worshipping each other_s breasts, gently teasing their nipples with soft, wet, flicks of their tongues. Soon though, Nicolle removes her lacy presents from Lina and begins to lick and tease the little blonde_s clit with her eager tongue, while her hands caress her body, stroking her thighs and trailing over the curves of the petite teen. Lina loves to give as much as she receives though and soon the young lesbian_s are locked in an intense 69, licking and fingering their tight, shaved pussies, while their moans fill the air. Soon though, Nicolle takes charge and is determined to make Lina cum first, it is her birthday after all. Flipping her to her knees, Nicolle begins to finger the little blonde from behind while rubbing her clit at the same time. After all the teasing it_s not long until Lina is moaning and thrusting her hips back into her girlfriends fingers while she cums hard for her. Even though it_s her birthday, Lina isn_t satisfied being the only one to experience such pleasure. Laying her redhead girlfriend down, Lina begins to lick and finger fuck Nicolle_s tight shaved pussy in return. The ginger lesbian, still extremely turned on from making her girlfriend cum only moments ago is soon locked in the spasms of ecstasy as her young body tightens up with an intense orgasm. Now that they_ve both eaten, it_s time for cake.
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